UF student access to broadband

March 19, 2020

Dear Students, 
We know that there are areas of the nation where access to broadband can be difficult.  We want to make sure that you know that a University of Florida student can access the national eduroam system at no charge wherever you can find it.  It is available in many places across the United States.  There are 97 sites in Florida alone, including many campuses of the State University System.  You can find a map indicating all the eduroam sites in the U.S. at https://incommon.org/eduroam/eduroam-u-s-locator-map/.  If you can get a wifi signal at any of these sites and if your device has already been configured for Eduroam, it will automatically connect. Otherwise, simply choose the Eduroam network.  Log on to your Gatorlink account, just as you would on the UF campus, and you should be connected, just as you would be on the UF campus.  Note that in many of these sites, you do not even need to go into a building.  E.g., wifi is available on most public spaces of the UF campus, and this is true at many of the other eduroam sites.  
We hope this information will make it a little bit easier for you to remain connected to UF during these difficult times.  Be safe and stay well. 
Best wishes 
Joe Glover, Provost 
Elias Eldayrie, CIO‚Äč