Spring Break announcement

University of Florida
September 23, 2020

University of Florida leadership has approved last week’s Faculty Senate vote for UF not to observe Spring Break 2021, which would have been March 6-13, and extend winter break by one week with the spring semester beginning Jan. 11. 

A revised academic calendar for the spring semester has been posted at https://catalog.ufl.edu/UGRD/dates-deadlines/pdfs/calendar2021d.pdf 

The change was made in consultation with UF Health for the purpose of making the spring semester as successful and healthy as possible. The primary purpose is to avoid a situation in which students would travel in March, potentially become infected with COVID-19 and return to campus and the Gainesville community to spread the infection as occurred with the 2020 Spring Break.

In addition, should a spike in cases occur this winter as some experts predict, an extra week of break in January may provide more time for the surge to subside. Finally, should a vaccine become available this fall, the additional winter break time would allow more students to receive it.