Message to those attending August graduation ceremonies

President Kent Fuchs
August 4, 2021

Dear Graduates, Families and Friends,

We are expecting large crowds for the graduation ceremonies in the O’Dome this Friday and Saturday.  On Saturday we expect over 10,000 attendees with every seat occupied and the ceremonies on Friday will each have 3,000 attendees. 

Due to the rapid increase in COVID cases, we are making the following changes for the graduation ceremonies.

  1. We urge everyone to wear a mask at all times when inside the O’Dome, even if you are vaccinated.  Graduates may remove their masks when they are recognized on stage.  I will wear a KN95 mask at all times, except when speaking from the podium.
  2. We ask anyone who is not vaccinated to reconsider whether you should attend the ceremony.  You may place yourself and others at considerable risk if you attend the ceremony and you are unvaccinated. We will accommodate any graduate who wishes to participate in the December ceremonies instead of the ceremonies this week.  Guests may watch the ceremonies and recognition of their graduate live online.
  3. There will be no processional nor recessional for the graduates.
  4. Graduates and their guests will be encouraged to leave the arena as soon as the graduate is recognized on stage in order to minimize crowds at the end of the ceremony.
  5. There will be no shaking of hands on the stage.
  6. No concessions will be available for sale.

I ask every graduate and their guests to do everything possible to keep themselves and those around them safe from this highly contagious and deadly virus.

Despite the disappointing impact of COVID on our ceremonies, I offer my many congratulations to all our August graduates. 

Warm regards,