President’s Statement on Anti-Asian Violence

President Kent Fuchs
March 19, 2021

Our hearts are heavy with sorrow over the eight people shot to death in Atlanta earlier this week, including six women of Asian descent. Rising incidents of violence and xenophobia against Asians, Asian-Americans and people of Asian descent across the country are reprehensible and must stop.

As a global university, we have a privilege and a responsibility to raise our voice against prejudice and xenophobia and for shared understanding and mutual respect for all people.

Early this month, we celebrated the Fulbright scholarship program that promotes these ideals. The importance of countering xenophobia directed at Asians and Asian-Americans is addressed in my video statement created for Fulbright Awareness Week:

The heinous acts of some can lead to the fear and distress of many. To our students, faculty and staff who are fearful or distressed because of this terrible violence, please know that we cherish you and your presence at our university.