President’s message on aftermath of Buffalo mass shooting

President Kent Fuchs
May 18, 2022

As funeral arrangements are being made for victims of the mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, we join our fellow Americans in mourning their loss and the terrible racism and hate that caused it.

Once again, we find ourselves struggling with grief and frustration. Once again, we ask ourselves what can we do to prevent this from happening again. And once again, we hear many suggestions and ideas but don’t see enough action.

Although many miles from Gainesville, the targeted killing in Buffalo impacts members of our university community.

Here at UF, I am reminded of the importance of our university’s core values of inclusion, freedom and civility, and community, all of us working together toward “a safe, welcoming community and a shared purpose that builds a sense of belonging and togetherness.”

Earlier this week, I attended a retreat hosted by Chief Diversity Officer Dr. Marsha McGriff in which she emphasized inclusive excellence, the active process of including and respecting everyone as we strive for excellence. I ask each of us to live this daily.

The aftermath of the tragedy in Buffalo reminds us that while one person can commit despicable acts, all of us can come together to ensure that inclusive love ultimately triumphs.