Personal message regarding approaching storm

President Kent Fuchs
September 27, 2022

Dear members of the UF community,

As Hurricane Ian prepares to make landfall on Florida’s west coast and is poised to affect a wide part of our state, I’m writing to express our shared care and concern for everyone in the UF community and for all Floridians in the storm’s path.

In particular, we pray for the safety of our University of South Florida, New College and Florida Gulf Coast University colleagues in the State University System, and for all those who are residents or who have loved ones in the Tampa Bay region.

Hurricane Ian’s impact in Gainesville is not expected to be severe. However, it is important that we all take precautions and look out for one another. As with other members of our community, Linda and I will be sheltering where we live on campus.

I look forward to our Gainesville campus reopening on Saturday and to attending the football game on Sunday.

Go Gators!